Joined By Division


I wanted to see you

Tell you how much I hate you

To throw these spikes of anger I harbour.

Hold dear all you arbour

You wrong me with every passing

I with every waking and sun rising


Vanquish you where you boast honour.

I wax as you wane


I yearned to invite you to this parade

In line stand all I hate

No common one of your taste

Baked in the same enmity

To get in your mind and find a seat

A mind full of perilous distaste

Hatred fills your head with strange tales

Measures against reconciliation


I wanted to question your stance

The spite you hold against me

Why you step on my chicks as they cross your threshold

Beat my goats when they pass

Yours bleating is music to your ears and

The language of your people.

No matter how well the hen dances

The hawk never pleased.


I wanted to cross my legs on your heart

This wicked spiked heart of yours

Studded with remorse

Scheming and plotting against my soul.

To blanche your black, overcoming your senses

Pour warm water over the ice in our chest

To kill this thing we share

Break us free of this snare.


We shall walk arm in arm down peace

And shame this division that brings us together

Empower each brazen other

For our greatest enemy is our wicked heart.







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