Drink and be merry

Eat and be gay

Laugh! Oh be cheery!

Do what you may.

This is the only way we know how

To live life in the now

No care for tomorrow

Take care of yourself, tomorrow.

Today is here with no limits.

Tomorrow, we do not like you

For we know you not.

Today is our friend

She is here to watch us go high with joy

If there was an emotion after love

I would have it for you, oh Today.


Time is with us, our amiable friend, time.

Time waits for no man, they say.

We wait for no time to play

Hurry slowly and waste time.


We spent all we did not have

Broke rules meant to protect us.

We stole our future before we had it

Gave birth to it before it was born.

In the wake of our prime we slumbered.

Shun advice but hang on every word of flatterers.

We fell and broke our necks

Hang on loose words and fell in heavy peril.

The fast life tolled us till we were worn.



We said what we wished

Even if their love for us perished

We had no care for the next light

The night was our ride

Wine and food bathed us

Lovers clung to us like skin


We had forebodings about your coming

In green we fooled

And in grey we are doomed.


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