Life has been unfair to me

It has dealt me a hard blow

Darkness fills my heart with distress

The more I try the more I sink low

5            Misfortunes clad me from every sphere

Whilst tragedy looms in the atmosphere

Trouble follows me like a chick follows its mother.

All around, I breathe airs of faults.

Life has been cruel to me

10          She has woven for me a mat of cries

All day, all night she tries

Battering and trying me

She gives me sour milk to make me weep.

Sour milk from her tempestuous breasts.

15           Oh! What a treacherous mother you are

To put me in your grief vaults!

Life has taught me a great lesson

A lesson no school could teach

A sermon no church could preach.

20          Life is a myriad of penchants one cannot have

A dungeon of disgrace

An unwinding path with no return

Coated with rubble

Life, a journey of wreckages

25         Oh! I go down! I perish.

Life, you are a cruel journey full of halts.


3 thoughts on “BY THE FURNACE OF LIFE

  1. Roman 10:11
    Everyone who puts his trust in me will never be disappointed.. Das the very words of God and das what you have taken out. Trying to do it yourself. All you need to do is to boldly declare this words in times of trouble and God will push the enemy aside. He said I stand at the door and knock if anyone “anyone” opens me will come in. Even as normal human beings you knock when going into someone house. So just declare those words and he is there. God is sovereign and doesn’t speak anyhow . When He speak it becomes a lease to him
    So just trust

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