As Spiritless As You Feel…



Do not be saddened

Even when it tastes bad

Do not spit it out

Persuade yourself to taste sugar where there’s bile

When your legs feel stiff and you cannot move

Stand on them and forge on

Your feet will feel heavy

Your heart, weary

Through it all, do not lose hope.

The pain will pass and you will feel your feet again.

As you brave the storm, your fear notwithstanding,

You will be ridiculed, my child.

There will be stones thrown

Traps of fury laid

Watch, lest you drown

Be firm and build.

Your life is your own

Turn it well so it does not burn

The fire may be too much

But it is you who turns the roast.

Let not the laughter of ignorance

Kiss and suck you sore

When they stab you,

Remember those before you had knife-breaking skin.

It is theirs you bear

No matter what happens,

Remember of what you are made

When there is no one to hug or cheer you on,

Hug yourself and shout

The sound that comes out, is the only cheer you need.

Let pain and suffering drive you not to vengeance

Be humble when success accosts you

For in all of us is a mesh of arrogance and pride.

Humility is a virtue the poor can do nothing but assume

It is forced on one in poverty.

As you go on, do not forget to know your place.

Remember, my love, that fear has no hold on you

Neither has hostility power over you.

On this, your greatness will beam.


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