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The Wry Lover’s Bone

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The lover, having sworn off love,

Puts the heart in a new and riskier gamble

The lover forgets past hurts

When new love comes along.

The lover having fenced the mind

From emotions, toils to be free of chains

The lover puts the brain on break when the hearts walk in

The Lover’s heart never having healed fully

Plunges in headfirst and bangs the head.

The lover loving too fiercely(perhaps)

Sends the other heart away screaming

In flight and in pursuit, the lover tries to catch the wind of affection.

The lover chases the bone never meant to be had.

In pursuing the bone, the lover hurts the heart.



Having loved a little( or thought to have loved a little)

Becomes too slippery to be caught

At crossroads whether it wants to be pinned or not

The loved, having seen the affinity dipped in by the lover

Decides to flee with only one leg

The other leg, lying comfortably on the lover

The bone with just a leg becomes a peg

On the heart of the lover

The loved, seeming distraught

Blames the lover for loving too much



The lover and the loved, with their backs facing

Have different motives.

They may have been intertwined before

They each may have been both lover and loved when simplicity ruled

The loved asked for love and rejected it

The loved thinking differently and acting away from thoughts

But the loved still at a crossroads may in confusion stay.

The loved may remove the other leg

The lover may out of frustration and forlorn need

Remove the peg from the heart by self

The lover and the heart fights and the brain sits on the fence.

It was never a part of the journey.



Serves them right for leaving me out

The heart, the lover and the loved(the bone)

Are neither foes nor allies of the brain.




I am a writer.

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