Last time you sat still

You gave them the keys to bend your will

And they took you on a jolly ride

Through jumps and a strenuous stride.

Your seat was hot and you felt the pangs

Of the mistakes the line you towed hangs.

The road was too rough for you to tread

So you looked on with dread

Too shaken to protest the driver’s speed.

Last time, you threw your hands in the air

Full of doubts and despair.

Last time you didn’t know where your life was headed.

If the ride was taking you to be crowned or beheaded

This time, the road is the same but you’re not afraid

To start again because He is your aide.

Trumpets and horns will bellow your mistakes and plight.

But you know He who is full of might.

Rocks and boulders will stifle your achievements and praise.

Hang on.

This time, the reins are in your hands

You will not stay put and heed their commands.

Let not fear inject itself into your blood stream.

Flow and join the rivers that do go unrestrained.

Repentance sits behind you.

Faith, hope and vision in front of you.

Determination, humility and love, your environment they fill.

Discipline and courage, your mind and heart instill.

These passengers, you must have as you plod

The road perils be-speckle.

This time you are brave because of He who is your rod.

Charge on traveler!

For your next stop, is success.





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